Days Three To Six, Im Sorry I am Terrible At These Things!!

Day Three: You’re Top 5 Pet Peeves.

In no particular order – 1) I cannot stand when people do not use your/you’re correctly – It really grates on me! 2) I dislike people who leave the restroom without washing their hands – Its just gross! 3) Commercials that take forever – Why must you stop an amazing show just to tell me that ‘asda’ have an offer this week? I don’t even shop there! 4) People who constantly like to invade my personal space! 5) People who do not use manners – I’m sorry but I did not hold the door open for you for my own benefit!! 

Day Four: Your View On Religion.

I don’t really have a view as i’m not religious myself, however that is not to say I do not respect the people that do. If you want to believe in something thats great and if I don’t share that view then who cares, I’m not going to make an assumption on you before I know you based on who or what you do or do not believe in. However that being said, I do not like it when said people try to ‘shove’ that religion on you. If you believe it thats fantastic, and I understand that you only want people to share your views but when you stop me on the street and I say I do not have time to talk, it really means I cannot be bothered to talk to someone who is going to try to pressure me into seeing the world as they do. While I realise I am accepting a very wide stereotype and not all religious people are like this, I view the world how I do and you do as you do, end of story. 

Day Five: Your Favourite Comfort Foods And Why?

Im not a massive lover of chocolate, but since being at uni whenever i’ve been down and I have the munchies I always go for a Galaxy Caramel because it reminds me of home. I don’t actually snack a lot, but when I do, its usually on strawberries or granola and yoghurt because it tastes sooooo good! 

Day Six: You Zodiac Sign And If You Think It Fits Your Personality. 

Im a Libra and I read what my horoscope means on this site. I am very indecisive and have trouble making the simplest decisions all the time, I am often said to be the level headed one in a discussion or argument, I am also very artistic. Although the one thing it said that I didn’t agree with was that Libra’s are rude, I don’t think i’m rude, or if I am its usually unintentional.