Another Unfinished Poem Of Mine!

No means no,
When you hear no it means no.
Not faster or slower,
Or hang on a second baby i need to breath.
It means no.
Women shouldn’t have to take classes on how to protect themselves,
Shouldn’t have to memorise how to put a man down long enough so she can save herself.
What happened to the times when it was you doing the saving.
No means no.
It does not mean let me just rearrange my underwear,
Nor can we move this wall is cold,
It means no.
Nothing more nothing less.
And ill be damned if you say it our fault,
With skirts that short and heels that high,
Who couldn’t resist,
And we’re not asking you too.
When did what you wear had to depend on where you were going and who was going to be there.
Thats like trying to say if you’re going out and theres even the slightest chance of a guy being there,
I want you dressed from head to toe,
No part of your delicate sensitive skin is to be shown.
Who is to say that because we wear a tight dress we want to be pulled,
Maybe it was in the sale or maybe it just makes us feel good.
No means no,
So don’t take anything she says to mean otherwise.
When your mother told you not to touch the cooker cause it was hot,
You didn’t touch.
When you’re father told you no more sweets before bedtime,
You did not eat.
So when your girlfriend says no,
You do not touch.
No matter how you dress it up,
Rape is rape.
It has nothing more to do with the fact she was asking for it by dressing so provocatively,
Then the fact you’re a massive douchebag who cannot take rejection.
In fact such a douche bag who can’t deal with rejection that you usually resort to violence.
No she cries,
A slap across her cheek answers her every plea until her lip is so swollen, her throat so horse
She cannot even utter her pleas anymore.
And when you leave completely satisfied with the new notch on your belt,
She is left with busies and scars that will never fade from her body.
She won’t be able to look herself in the mirror for shame,
Shame that society has put on her,
Blame that it was her fault,
Blame that she is the one who put herself in that situation.
No means no.
And if at the end of the day you cannot get your thick headed skull around that simple tiny word,
You do not even deserve to marvel at the beauty in front of you.
Short skirt or not.