The Pep Talk I Need To Have With Myself…

Hey me, 
So we need a little chat. You need to calm down. Stop stressing. The fact that you did you washing today or tomorrow, or whether the shopping comes on a sunday or monday, don’t really matter. Chill. Know that the washing and the shopping will get done and spend the time worrying instead thinking of yourself. Get back to the times where you spent the day reading a book – and not because you’re told to but because you brought a book on impulse because it had a pretty cover and is now sitting on your desk. Go and buy chocolate from the corner shop, don’t worry about the calories, you’ll walk them off tomorrow. Stop worrying about money, you worked it out yesterday, and you’re going to be fine until christmas, so theres no point in checking again today. Don’t worry about playing music because you don’t think your flat mates are going to appreciate your music taste – who cares if they like country or not?! 

Remember that the next years of your life are supposed to be your best, so stop worrying about the things that you don’t really need to be worried about! If you really want to worry, worry about the fact that you need a word that rhymes with ‘knight’ for your assessments thats due next week – now THAT is worth worrying about!! 

Love me x