Day Two Of The Blog Challenge…

Day two: Where you’d like to be in ten years?

In ten years, I’d ideally love to be in America! It’s always been a life long dream of mine to live in America and am hoping to move out there relatively soon after I finish my uni degree, unless I decide to go postgrad. However, I’m not entirely sure what i’m going to be doing there. I really admire the people that know exactly what they want to do and know exactly how to get it. But, i’m not like that, i’ve wanted to be everything in the book; teacher, forensic scientist, surgeon, homicide detective, publisher, magazine editor. The last two are probably what pushed me to study English Lit and Creative Writing, but at the end of my degree, I have no idea how i’m going to use it or what I want to use it for. All I know is that i’d quite like to go adventuring ‘in the great wide somewhere, I want it more than I can tell’ and that somewhere just so happens to be warm and sunny!


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