Me, My Blog and I

This is the story of my blog. I’ve had this blog for only a couple of months, and haven’t actually found my feet or a routine to it yet, but it’ll come, I’m sure it will do. I started my blog for the sole reason that sometimes I have something to say, whether it be worthwhile or just something I felt passionate about. I, in most respects, much prefer written word. It speaks in volumes that spoken word cannot. I tried sites such as YouTube before, but never felt as if anyone was really listening. Yet, when you stop to read something, I think its much more personal, despite whether you agree or enjoy it. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of YouTube much more now than I used to be, but it wasn’t the one for me. This blog became the place where I felt safe to talk about the things I felt were/are important and even begin to share my own work, something I’ve yet to do in public. This blog has given me the freedom to express myself in ways I never could before, allowed me to think and talk about what I wanted and felt as though people were actually listening, it made me realize that perhaps, there are other people out there who think or do the same as I do, and that thought alone, made me feel just a little bit less on my own in this crazy thing called life.