Why I Still Believe In Disney

‘We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths’ – Walt Disney.

I have been a Disney fan for as long as I can remember. In fact, my mother often tells me that when I was little I watched my Fantasia video so much I broke it and she had to buy me a new one. I guess I was one of those lucky kids who got to grow up with Disney, from the early 90’s right up until today. One thing I’d like to make clear is that I do not in any way disagree with the fact that Disney has ‘changed’ because it has. Massively so. But then again, doesn’t everything have to change at some point to stay current and appease the people of today. As I’m sure, many people, myself included, would be just as happy if Disney were to release a film tomorrow of very much the same quality of ‘Snow White’ for instance, many would not be and this, I feel, is one of the main reasons Disney may feel perhaps pressured to keep up to date with animation techniques and such.

Walt Disney was a brilliant man in many peoples minds, he was a husband, father, brother, son, but maybe more importantly, a friend to all. Walt truly just wanted to give and give and then give some more. Nothing was ever too much for him, he just wanted to see people happy. And I feel its safe to say he easily succeed. Walt made such a lasting impact on people’s lives and can be seen to still be impacting them to this day. Characters and places he created are still around today – Mickey Mouse for example, is perhaps one of the most well known cartoon characters in the entire world and there is probably not one child that has not either been or wants to go to at least one of the Disney parks!


I’m often hearing of people complaining that Disney films are no longer portraying a ‘significant enough message’. I disagree, while Disney may make movies because they know they will make money, in the same instance they make simply make movies because they have a story to tell and enjoy telling it. Each movie, I feel, has some sort of lesson to teach or some piece of advice, here are just a few of the ones I feel are most important:

  • Meet The Robinsons – ‘Keep Moving Forward’ and don’t be afraid to fail, because only in failing do we truly succeed.
  • Lady and The Tramp – Love can be found in the most unexpected places with the most unexpected people.
  • The Princess and The Frog – You need to work hard to achieve what you want to in life and you need to recognize what truly matters in life, even if it goes against what everyone else thinks.
  • Tangled – Never let someone else limit your life.
  • Dumbo – Everyone has their own special talent that will help the succeed in life.
  • Toy Story – Friends come in all shapes and sizes, true friends are for life and shows the true value of working together.
  • The Black Cauldron – The importance of friendship, loyalty and responsibility.
  • Beauty and The Beast – You should not judge by appearances.

The newer movies have just as much of a message as the older films, all of which are important and significant in their own way. There will always be people out there who will be critical of Disney films because of how they have changed over the years, but I truly feel that things have changed for the better and the morals and values that Walt instilled in the company back in the day are still very much present and that he would be proud of all his company have been over to achieve in the past years and all that they will no doubt achieve in the years to come. People watch Disney movies for a multitude of different reasons, much like people go to the Disney parks for much the same reasons they either just want some easy lighthearted happiness or they truly do believe in the magic whether they be 10, 100 or anything in between. This is why I still believe in Disney, there is so much magic and happiness to be had if only we believe, and Disney helps make that magic happen every single day. And I guess at the end of the day, who wouldn’t want to be apart of that?



2 thoughts on “Why I Still Believe In Disney

  1. Have you read ‘Down and out in the Magic Kingdom’? It’s available as a free e-book. It’s a novel set in Disneyland at some point in the future and despite the title the author is definitely a fan of Disney, particularly the haunted mansion.

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