End of An Era!

So, it finally happened. I finished school and while i should be ecstatic and jumping for joy, honestly, i cant stand the thought of not having anything to do for the next few months. Waiting for results is going to be agony! But as I looked at the big picture, I realized time off may be good for me, I can finally finish the novel I started just before my exams, I can finally paint my room after wanting to for the past year or so, I finally have the time to give blood which I’ve wanted to do since I signed up to do so summer last year! While it really is the end of an era, leaving a school that has practically been my life for the last 6 and a half years, leaving my very best friend in the entire world, I’m journeying into the great wide world with nothing but the rucksack on my back filled with books and an Ipod, and I guess, I kinda can’t really wait.


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